Water Skills Three

  1. To jump into water of at least full reach depth.
  2. To swim four widths without a pause using any stroke or strokes.
  3. To submerge in shallow water and retrieve an object from the pool bottom using both hands.
  4. To tread water out of standing depth using arms and/or legs for 20 seconds.
  5. To swim two widths on the front demonstrating good technique.
  6. To swim two widths on the back demonstrating good technique.
  7. To swim a minimum of 10 metres showing three changes of direction without touching the side or bottom of the pool.
  8. To scull head first for 5 metres.
  9. To swim through a hoop submerged in water of shoulder depth.
  10. To Swim continuously for 1 minute using two different strokes with good style.