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Beginner Awards

Water Skills One

  1. To enter shallow water from the poolside in a safe manner, (assistance may be provided. This may be via the steps or from the poolside).
  2. To move across the pool with the water surface no lower than shoulder level.
  3. To submerge the face in water and blow bubbles for 3 seconds.
  4. To push and glide from the poolside or bottom on the front, and change to a resting or standing position.
  5. To push and glide from the poolside or bottom on the back, and change to a resting or standing position.
  6. To travel on the back a minimum distance of 5 metres.
  7. To travel on the front a minimum distance of 5 metres.
  8. To rotate from the back to the front position and gain a resting or standing position.
  9. To propel a floating object, (eg a ball), for 3 metres by any method.
  10. Demonstrate a horizontal or vertical stationary floating position for 10 seconds.

Kelloggs Puffin Award

Sandra Poynter




"My son has learnt to swim with Sandra (and the team) from being afraid of water as a toddler at Copmanthorpe right through to now completing his Gold swimming badge at Arch Bishops. They have worked hard with Patrick pushing him when needed and equal measures of reward and praise, whilst also keen it fun and being very patient. We could not have picked a better team, he looks forward to swimming every week and we are all sad that it is about to finish, Thankyou so much for your support and dedication we will greatly miss our weekly lessons "
   - Donna

"Our son and daughter have developed their technique and gained in confidence since starting with Sandra and her expert instructors seven years ago. The experienced and attentive approach to teaching is consistent and highly effective. Staff are committed to supporting your child to develop at their pace in a fun, safe and supportive environment. "
   - Suzie & Tig Cockburn




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